About Us

@RayzorTech is a customer-focused services company. We are not one-size-fits-all.
We believe each problem is unique and requires tailor-fit solutions that solve
problems, add value and enhance the capacities & capabilities of your organization.


Who are we?

As a Small Business specializing in IT and management consulting services, we are the extra set of eyes and hands businesses and organizations need to stay ahead of online proliferation. We tackle the unique challenges encountered by federal programs with an inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach that appreciates people, processes, technology, and data. Our team thrives on collaboration and innovation to get the job done right.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

@RayzorTech is committed to providing and encouraging a diverse and inclusive company culture. Our team composition reflects various tenures, work locations, positions and includes diversity across race/ethnicity, gender, identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, and disability. Our company leadership nurtures an organizational culture that promotes a sense of belonging where every voice is valued, respected, and heard. We also provide educational opportunities to increase diversity, inclusion, and bias awareness.


Why @RayzorTech?

  • We have the right technology, mixed with ingenuity and execution, to deliver results consistently.
  • We have a professional, friendly, and certified IT and consulting team. You can discuss your thoughts, needs, and expectations and expect incredible results.
  • We get it right the first time and recommend the best scalable IT solutions to integrate into your existing systems.
  • Flexible solution when you need it, how you need it according to your requirements and budget.
  • We keep you in the know, and you are never left out.
  • We are a quality-based organization and put security, data, and technology at the center of our service.


Our mission is to deliver value by using technology to analyze, propose, and drive sustainable results for the government.


To build a world where technology meets humans at their point of need without overwhelming effect or impact


The Working Team

The @RayzorTech team is a dynamic collection of tech-savvy individuals with an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and how to implement them to deliver seamless and fluid results at all times, led by transparent and supportive leadership. We are all about service, serving, and solutions; hence, our customers take precedence before anything else.

Justice must prevail, whether we are supporting the military, fighting injustice in the community, or addressing fundamental societal issues. Technology makes the difference, and only the right team can affect the desired change.


Our core values

Reliable – over the years, we have built consistency, performance, and dependability that our customers have come to trust

Articulate – technology is more than the technical aspect; it is being aware of the terminologies and how to implement them into a sustainable and scalable solution

Zealous – We believe in equity, diversity, and justice for all and have a team with the same conviction, ready to make a difference.

Original – We do not do it as they do. We design custom solutions for you and your company.


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